Meet The Team

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Dr. David R. Black

Dr. David Black has over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) in 1994 and Ferris State University in 1990. ICO is the oldest continually operating educational facility in the world dedicated solely to the teaching of Optometrists and remains at the forefront of Optometry today. In addition to running his practice, Dr. Black has supported different community initiatives such as the Rotary Club of Oshawa, Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, and other non-profit organizations.

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Dr. F. Richard Black

Dr. F. R. Black established the Optometric practice at 136 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa in 1960. Over the years, he has held positions on a number of boards, teaching institutions and as Optometric consultant to a number of research companies. Other interests include hockey, cottage and travel.